Just as buildings already standing “make sense” and are fundamentally located in a preselected area with a particular orientation, the design for each individual apartment should be “finalized” as well.

The structural layout is best modified at the very start. An interior designer can ideally advise on how that can be done. The interior designer, Magdalena Hopkins, confirms that the apartment can be changed virtually beyond recognition. Unlike an ordinary apartment resident, she has a clear idea and experience of the succession of construction modifications required. Thanks to her regular cooperation with numerous companies, she knows how to plan, harmonize and coordinate everything. She can thus save not only the clients’ time but also their money. Even though she naturally has her own particular “style”, she always tries to conform to the clients’ requirements and taste. She will be delighted to explain why you should invest in materials that are easy to maintain and why higher-quality brands are ideal for basic features such as kitchens, large sofas and built-in wardrobes. With this as a foundation, you can then create an interior in which you will feel contented and comfortable.

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